A Sunny Afternoon of Skipping

In Kea Hub we have been focusing on developing our Hauora (well-being) each day. This afternoon Room 10 made the most of the sunshine by heading outside for some skipping using the huge skipping ropes.

Although our focus was taha whanau (social well-being), we discussed how the activity links to all four aspects of our hauora.
Here are some examples of our whakaaro pai (great ideas):
Taha Wairua (Spiritual): We all felt safe, supported, and confident enough to give it a go. Working together gave us a sense of belonging.
Taha Whanau (Social): It gave us a chance to get to know other people better so we can work well together. Everyone was participating and enjoying themselves so it showed that we have interests in common with each other.
Taha Tinana (Physical): All the running and jumping helps us to get fitter and stronger. It helped us develop our coordination.
Taha Hinengaro (Mental): Whether you were swinging the ropes of skipping, you needed good focus and t

Room 7 Calendar Art - orders forms coming home this week


Then and Now - Inquiry Photography

Our inquiry this term has been about how we grow and the different places, people and things that influence to people we become.

A few Room 7 students created these then and now photos using these old photos from parts of Trentham School

Active afternoon

Room 7 had an active afternoon. For Hauora we were focusing on Taha Whanau (Social well being). We played Ultimate Paper, Scissors, Rock and were working on being supportive team mates and making an effort to use Te Reo when praising each other. We reflected on how well we had managed ourselves in the game.

For the remainder of the afternoon we explored using the Bee Bots science kit. The teams rotated around a variety of challenges. They had to give the Bee Bot the right commands for it to complete the different challenges.

Hauora time

This term Kea Hub has changed how they will do their Physical Education and Health. Each afternoon we focus on a different part of our Wellbeing (Physical, Mental, Social & Spiritual). Today we focused on our Mental wellbeing while completing our activity. The students were focusing on being supportive and giving each other encouragement to help everyone enjoy the activity. Each team had to create an obstacle course that the team completed together, all members of the team had to be connected to each other in some way.
In each session we talk about what we are focusing on before doing the practical activity and reflect on it afterwards as well.

3D Shape Art

We learnt how to sketch and shade 3D shapes in Room 7. We then arranged the shapes and took photos to show us interacting with the shapes in some way.  Check out the creative ideas below